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Research on Government’s Implementing Inclusive Financial Mecha- nism from the Perspective of Behavior Contract Xinkai Deng

By introducing reciprocal borrowers and lenders, positive social capital formed by reciprocal expectations can ease fina...

《Journal of Finance Research》 2019year3卷1months Favorites

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Problems and Countermeasures of Internal Control Management in High-tech Enterprises Yuhuan Zhao

The wave of the socialist market economy has continually invaded, which has already caused a serious impact on the surv...

《Journal of Finance Research》 2019year3卷2months Favorites

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Regional Dialect Diversity and Corporate Strategic Aggressiveness Bingyuan Xie

As an important role of the regional culture, dialects have a significant influence on the corporate strategy. Diversit...

《Journal of Finance Research》 2020year4卷1months Favorites

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Smart Classroom Design on the Basis of Internet of Things Technology Lei Zhang

Internet of Things technology is a new type of network technology emerging in the new economic era. It has played a good...

《Modern Electronic Technology》 2019year3卷1months Favorites

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Boundary Estimation in Annular Two-Phase Flow Using Electrical Im- pedance Tomography with Particle Swarm Optimization Rongli Wang

In this study we consider the boundary estimation of annular two-phase flow in a pipe with the potential distribution on...

《Modern Electronic Technology》 2019year3卷1months Favorites

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The Model of Dependence of the Temperature of the Surface Layer of Atmosphere from the Earth's Albedo and Thermal Inertia of the Hydrosphere Nikolay N. Zavalishin

The assumption of M. Milankovich about the constancy of the Earth's albedo during the interglacial period was replaced ...

《Journal of Atmospheric Science Research》 2018year1卷1months Favorites

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Assemble of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Based on Locally Available Natural Dye Samia Tabassum

Due to the availability, non-toxicity and cost-effectivity, natural dyes are becoming popular day by day. This study e...

《Journal of Atmospheric Science Research》 2019year2卷1months Favorites

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Main Characteristics of Dust Storms and Their Radiative Impacts: With a Focus on Tajikistan Sabur.F.Abdullaev

Dust storms are commonly occurring phenomena in Tajikistan. The known aridity of the region is a major factor in promo...

《Journal of Atmospheric Science Research》 2019year2卷2months Favorites

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Microbial Community Diversity and Vertical Distribution in a Columnar Sediment of Maluku Strait Yan Wang

The sediment samples were collected from Maluku Strait at a depth of 1250 m, which is influenced by Mindanao Current a...

《Journal of Atmospheric Science Research》 2019year2卷2months Favorites

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Role of Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) Height and Ventilation Coefficient on Urban Air Quality- A study based on Observations and NWP Model Aditi Singh

Air pollution is an issue of great concern in any urban region due to its serious health implications. The capital of ...

《Journal of Atmospheric Science Research》 2019year2卷3months Favorites

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