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APSCI APSCI database (apsci. sg): Asia&Pacific area Science Citation Index (APSCI) Singapore Nanyang Academy of Sciences (Nan Yang Academy of Sciences (NAS for short) is a comprehensive citation database established in Singapore. The six core functions of APSCI database completely serve the academic field of "content sorting, resource networking, intelligent editing New communication, reading presentation, big data support and international exchange " And so on. Platform I -It serves scholars, publishing units, scientific research institutions, patent, intellectual property and other institutions, Integrate cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and recommendation algorithms. Committed to building a high-end academic service platform with global literature coverage and international influence, and becoming one of the internationally recognized major retrieval tools for scientific statistics and scientific evaluation.

Product introduction

Academic database:reader service module.

The traditional mode of "people looking for knowledge, fuzzy matching" is transformed into "knowledge looking for people, accurate matching".

We have gathered a large amount of professional, in-depth and massive knowledge content, mainly academic journal copyright documents, covering 94 subdivisions of 8 disciplines.

We provide innovative interaction modes such as intelligent multi-dimensional retrieval based on system independent learning, accurate content push based on algorithms, industry leading edge and industry focused recommendation based on big data to make knowledge acquisition more intelligent, efficient and accurate.

You can also subscribe to your favorite paper and electronic books and periodicals online at any time, collect and manage the documents you need to ensure the depth and effect of your learning.

You can also rate and evaluate each article you have read, and conduct in-depth communication and interaction between the author and the magazine. Each time you participate, your knowledge will evolve.

The upcoming AR journals and APP readers will provide you with more flexible, convenient and rich reading and learning experiences.

Direct train for manuscripts: Author service module.

The author and the magazine eliminate intermediary links, intelligent matching and barrier free communication.

Only one key is needed to upload the manuscript, and the system will automatically perform intelligent diagnosis on the manuscript, analyze the format specification, writing direction, innovation level and other dimensions, propose specific modification suggestions for you, and help you continuously optimize the quality of the article.

The system automatically judges the quality and direction of your contributions, accurately matches and recommends the journals that best meet the publishing conditions. You also filter for multiple conditions, or directly enter the name of the target journal for submission and publishing. No longer need to worry about finding the right journal.

You can use the APSCI Online writing function to directly create in a standardized paper format. What you see is what you get. You can also consult references at will while writing to get more background information and inspiration.

Online writing supports cloud based automatic saving and instant renewal. You can create online in different scenes and terminals in real time, and you can save the word generated by one click to the local, so as to maximize the time and space efficiency of your creation. Manuscripts, whether uploaded locally or written online, can be directly sent to the magazine with one click, without any intermediate link, and you can view the progress of manuscript processing at any time to be sure.

When submitting, you can select three target journals, but you will not submit more than one paper. After the previous journal refuses to be accepted, the paper will be automatically delivered to the next journal until it is accepted. You can also choose to submit your contributions to the contribution library. If the three target journals are not employed, the system will push the summary of your contributions to all eligible journals, so that the magazine can actively send a letter of invitation. This will not only absolutely protect your copyright, but also ensure your 100% contribution success.

Through the online interaction function, you can instantly communicate with the journal office, so that the communication is barrier free and the publication is more efficient.

Intelligent Editor in Chief: Magazine and publishing house service module.

Moving the editorial department online with one click reduced the work intensity by 40% and increased the work efficiency by more than 65%.

You can easily customize the business flow according to your own standards, without having to passively adjust and adapt to new business processes. We only help you improve your efficiency, and never increase your burden.

You only need to click on the accepted manuscript in the manuscript library, or upload the manuscript locally. The system will automatically filter the manuscript that does not meet the requirements for publishing, and automatically assign the manuscript to the corresponding journal column. The time-consuming preliminary review and column work were easily handled.

Next, you can complete online editing, review, typesetting, proofreading, and finalization according to the designed process. All this will no longer be limited by time, site, personnel and materials. Online office, version memory, simple interaction and clear visualization.

You can communicate with authors online, change manuscripts, send employment notices, and manage fees. Simple, instant, and historical records are the interaction mode in the Internet era.

The professional promotion team of APSCI database will provide free subscription solicitation, contribution solicitation and brand promotion services for the target population of each journal, so that your journal can truly achieve a continuous, in-depth and integrated connection with the target population.

You can use the domain name customized for you by APSCI database as the only entry for soliciting contributions, so that you can achieve solicitation, preliminary review, unattended column by column, and efficient publishing.

APSCI database practices lifelong education, promotes the learning of the whole people, helps cultural rejuvenation, and empowers publishing.

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customer service: 2785015688(QQ) Miss Zhu

Business cooperation: 3297025411(QQ) Miss Wang

Problem feedback: 721836178 (QQ) Teacher Ren

Submission consultation: 3297025411(QQ) Miss Wang

24-hour hotline: 010-56258118 | 010-61356371 

Contact address: 19/F, Building 1, Yard 1, Tianxing Street, Gongchen Street, Fangshan District, Beijing

Terms of service

(1) About Service Agreement

1. Confirmation and acceptance of the agreement
The final ownership and interpretation right of the terms and conditions listed in this agreement belong to Asia&Pacific area Science Citation Index (hereinafter referred to as "APSCI"), and APSCI fully complies with and implements the terms and operating rules listed in this Agreement; At the same time, you can become a registered user of APSCI only after you fully accept this agreement and complete the registration procedure.
2. Scope of Agreement
This agreement applies to all relevant services and tools in APSCI system.
3. Change and modification of the agreement
APSCI has the right to change this Agreement at any time when it deems it necessary. In case of any change to the agreement, APSCI will publish the change on its website, which will take effect immediately from the date of publication. If you continue to use the relevant services of APSCI, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes in the terms of the agreement; If you do not agree to the changed agreement, you must immediately take the initiative to request to stop receiving services.
4. Service object
APSCI stipulates that the Company's service content (hereinafter referred to as "the service") is only provided for the use of units with legal personality or individuals with full civil capacity who accept the provisions of this Agreement; At the same time, APSCI has the right to refuse to provide services to any individual or unit at any time when it deems that there are reasonable reasons.
5. Service Content and Description
(1) APSCI is an integrated information service provider in the Internet field, integrating information resource products, information value-added services and information processing solutions.
Note: Unless otherwise specified, APSCI will unconditionally apply this Agreement to any new content and new functions, including new products, that APSCI adds or enhances its current services.
(2) To use this service, you must:
A Provide necessary equipment for Internet access, including computers, modems or other necessary Internet access devices;
B It shall bear the telephone charges, network charges and all other expenses incurred during the use of the service.
6. Modification and Termination of Services
APSCI has the right to modify or terminate the Services (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time with prior notice.

(2) About Users

7. Precautions for user registration
When you register content, you must:
(1) Provide true, accurate, complete and latest materials;
(2) Keep updating your information to meet the above requirements;
Note: If there are any errors, inaccuracies, obsolescence or incompleteness in the information you provide, or APSCI has reasonable grounds to believe that your information has the above problems, it has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and refuse you to use the service (in whole or in part) now or in the future until the problem is solved.
(3) Strictly observe the personal registered name, account number and password;
Note: APSCI requires you to strictly keep your personal registered name and password. Any disclosure of your registered name and password due to your personal reasons, and all the consequences arising therefrom, shall be your full responsibility. At the same time, if you find that anyone uses your registered name or password without authorization, or violates the confidentiality provisions in any other circumstances, please immediately notify APSCI for emergency treatment; And ensure that you exit the website with the correct steps in each online operation. APSCI shall not be liable for any loss arising from your failure to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.
8. Types of users and charges
APSCI users are divided into two categories: free users and paid users.
Free users can use some services in APSCI, such as free information inquiry (not all); Paid users can use all the services provided by APSCI.
Note: For details about user types and related charges, please log in to "Customer Service" or contact our Marketing Department.
9. User responsibility
(1) When using the service, you must comply with the Confidentiality Law of the People's Republic of China, the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Administrative Provisions on the Confidentiality of Computer Information Systems for International Networking, the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Security Protection of Computer Information Systems, the Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of Computer Information Networks for International Networking Any and all provisions of the Interim Provisions of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of International Networking of Computer Information Networks and its implementation methods and other relevant laws and regulations. Note: If APSCI has reasonable grounds to believe that your behavior may violate the relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations, APSCI may terminate the provision of services to you at any time without prior notice.
(2) Provisions on your information:
A. The information you submit to APSCI must be true, complete and valid;
B. Does not involve fraud, forgery, theft and other criminal acts;
C. It will not damage the rights and interests of any third party, including property rights, or copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, privacy rights, reputation rights, etc;
D. Will not violate any laws, regulations, ordinances or rules (including but not limited to laws, regulations, ordinances or rules regulating export management, trade quotas, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertising);
E. It will not contain any content of defamation (including commercial defamation), insult, intimidation or illegal harassment;
F. It will not contain any obscene, violent and child pornography content;
G. It will not contain any virus, camouflage program, computer worm, timer bomb or other computer programs that deliberately destroy, maliciously interfere, secretly intercept or occupy any system, data or personal data.
10. User privacy system
The Company promises that it will not disclose, edit or disclose your registration information and non-public content stored in APSCI without your legal authorization, unless:
(1) Relevant laws and regulations or APSCI legal service procedures;
(2) In case of emergency, in order to protect your and the public's rights and interests;

(3) Disclaimer

11. Disclaimer
(1) APSCI does not guarantee that the service will meet the user's use requirements, that the service will not be interrupted, and that it will be timely, safe and error free; The timeliness, security, accuracy of the service and the accuracy and reliability of the final results are not guaranteed.
(2) APSCI shall not be responsible for the quality, safety, service, legality, all expenses incurred, the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the business information involved in the transaction between you and other users, and whether the parties to the transaction have fulfilled their respective obligations in the trade agreement.
(3) Your materials, including any materials you provide to APSCI or other users in the process of registration, trading or listing of goods, such as data, text, software, audio, video, pictures and other materials, are authentic and reliable, and you are fully responsible for them; APSCI shall not be liable for any consequences arising therefrom. However, if APSCI has reason to believe that your information may cause it to bear any legal or moral responsibility, or may cause it to (in whole or in part) If the services of Internet service providers or other suppliers are lost, APSCI has the right to take any decision deemed necessary or appropriate (including but not limited to deleting such data) on your data at its own discretion.
(4) APSCI will not be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the resources, information, products or services of other websites linked to its website. Therefore, APSCI will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused to users by relying on or using the information resources, products or services on such websites.
(5) In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of individual consumers and users, our company only guarantees the service quality of APSCI products purchased through the apsci knowledge service platform www.APSCI.sg or authorized partners.
(6) Our company only sells APSCI knowledge service platform www.apsci through APSCI website or authorized partners Sg's products and services for individual users are opposed to privately transferring and buying and selling products and services of APSCI knowledge service platform.
(7) APSCI shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform the Agreement caused by events beyond its reasonable control, including natural disasters, strikes, riots, material shortages, riots, wars, government actions, communications and other facilities failures and other non force majeure factors.

(4) APSCI's Intellectual Property Rights and Other Rights

12. APSCI's Intellectual Property Rights and Other Rights
(1) APSCI has the corresponding right to the service and the software used in the service including the data protected by intellectual property or other laws;
(2) The information and content transmitted through the service are protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law or other laws; Users shall not copy, modify, rent, distribute or derive other works, or use them for commercial purposes without the express permission of APSCI.
(3) The word APSCI, as well as the design drawings, logos, product and service names related to APSCI, are trademarks owned by APSCI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. No one shall use, copy or use it for any other purpose.
Note: If you think your or others' copyright, copyright or other legitimate rights and interests have been infringed by others on this website, please contact APSCI immediately and provide relevant evidence.

(5) Other

13. Compensation
You must compensate APSCI and its subsidiaries, branches, directors, employees The economic loss and reputation loss caused by the agent.
14. Relationship Identification
As a registered user, you and APSCI are only independent contractors, and there is no agency, partnership, joint venture, employment and employment, guarantee and guarantee, franchise granting and granting relationship between you and APSCI.
15. Other provisions
This agreement (including other APSCI terms) constitutes the entire agreement between you and APSCI, stipulates your use of the service, and supersedes any previous written or oral agreement between you and APSCI. The contents of this agreement are subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be revoked and the remaining provisions shall remain in force. Note: APSCI's failure to take action on a breach by you or others does not mean that APSCI waives its right to take action on any subsequent or similar breach.

Property statement

Intellectual Property Declaration All content published on this website, including but not limited to words, pictures, audio-video, charts, signs, logos, advertisements, trademarks, domain names, software, programs, layout design, column directories and names, content classification standards and any information provided to users, are subject to the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China For the protection of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations as well as relevant international treaties, the corresponding rights are enjoyed by APSCI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and/or relevant obligees. Without the written authorization of APSCI (Beijing) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (APSCI database) and/or relevant obligees, no one shall use the content and related services published on this website for commercial purposes, or change, reprint, link, copy, distribute, disseminate and other part or all of the content or services on this website, or mirror them on a server not owned by this website. Otherwise, the infringer will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

As an online document sharing network service provider, APSCI database provides users with upload space and online sharing means. It protects users' uploaded content based on its presentation and does not modify or edit the uploaded content itself. At the same time, APSCI database attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, abides by China's various intellectual property laws, regulations and binding normative documents, and resolutely opposes any act that violates the copyright laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. For this reason, APSCI database has formulated measures and steps aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders. If the copyright owner and/or the right holder who can exercise the right of information network dissemination according to law believe that the content uploaded by users on APSCI database station infringes their legitimate rights and interests such as the right of information network dissemination of such works, they shall notify APSCI database in writing according to the following measures and steps, At that time, APSCI database will immediately remove and stop continuing to disseminate any pirated, illegal reprinted and other infringing works in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Specific measures and steps are as follows:
The written notice of rights shall be written in the following paragraph format:
1、 The file name of the alleged infringement information;
2、 The corresponding network address of the document charged with infringement information on this website (for timely processing, please provide the network address of the work rather than the search address of the document name);
3、 My telephone, fax and e-mail address;
4、 Relevant information description and ownership/qualification certificate of copyright owned by the notifier or the institution of the notifier, including: 1. If the unit involved, please provide a copy of your business license and affix the official seal; 2. If an individual is involved, please provide a copy of ID card or passport; 3. If you are represented by a lawyer, please provide the power of attorney for the law firm. (It can be presented in the form of attachment)
5、 Please write the following statement at the end of the Notice of Rights: "Our company (I) guarantees that the information described in this notice is sufficient, true and accurate. Our company (I) is the legal obligee (legal rights authorizer) of the complaint content, and has the right to exercise this right. All legal disputes arising therefrom have nothing to do with APSCI database, and shall be borne by myself.
6、 Signature of natural person or official seal of unit.

Disclaimer: Visitors must carefully read this statement before accepting the services of this website. Visitor's behavior of visiting this website and using this website in various ways will be regarded as the unanimous approval of all contents of this statement.
Article 1 Visitors must act in good faith and with caution when engaging in all behaviors related to this website (including but not limited to visit, browse, use, reprint, publicity and introduction); Visitors shall not intentionally or negligently damage the legitimate rights and interests of this website, and shall not use this website in any way to directly or indirectly engage in acts that violate the laws of the People's Republic of China, international conventions and social ethics.
Article 2 This website fully respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of original authors. This website reasonably trusts customers to upload original products to the APSCI database. You are the original author or have obtained the consent of the copyright owner and properly handled relevant issues with the copyright owner. This website is reasonable for the purchase, sale and use of original digital products, so this website will not bear any responsibility for intellectual property disputes related to it. This website solemnly reminds visitors: please copy relevant digital products or use them in compliance with relevant intellectual property rights, otherwise this website will be exempted from liability for intellectual property disputes related to them. At the same time, the website enjoys independent intellectual property rights for its original digital products and logo. If the intellectual property rights of this website are infringed, this website has the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
Article 3 All kinds of digital product documents published on this website, views expressed by visitors on this website and other website contents recommended in the form of links are only for providing more information for reference, use or learning exchange, and do not represent the views of this website, nor constitute any sales suggestions.
Article 4 This website shall be exempted from liability for personal information disclosure caused by the following circumstances: (1) When government departments, judicial authorities, etc. require this website to disclose personal data according to legal procedures, this website will provide personal data according to the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public security; (2) Any personal data leakage caused by users' informing others of their personal passwords or sharing their registered accounts with others; (3) Any personal data leakage, loss, theft or alteration caused by force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network, such as computer problems, hacker attacks, computer virus invasion or attack, temporary closure caused by government regulation, etc; (4) Personal data leakage caused by other websites linked to this website;
Article 5 If the service of this website is suspended due to the hardware fault or other force majeure outside the control scope of the line and this website, this website will not bear any legal liability for all losses caused to users during the suspension of service.
Article 6 In addition to the service terms indicated on this website, this website will not bear any legal liability for any accident, negligence, slander, copyright or intellectual property infringement caused by the use of this website and the losses caused by it (including computer virus infection due to downloading).
Article 7 In case of any legal dispute arising from this website that appeals to litigation procedures, the court of the place where the website owner APSCI database is located, namely the People's Court of Beijing, shall be the competent court.
Article 8 The right to conclude, modify, update and finally interpret this declaration belongs to APSCI database.
Article 9 The above statement was published and took effect on June 1, 2016.