APSCI Database Platform User Service Agreement

Welcome to register your APSCI database account and use the APSCI database service

This APSCI Database Platform User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Agreement") is an agreement between you and APSCI Database on matters related to the registration of APSCI database and user accounts of authors, readers, periodical publishers and experts in various sectors, and the use of various services of APSCI database. In order to use the services of APSCI database, you should carefully read and abide by all the contents under this service agreement, especially the clauses involving exemption or limitation of liability, which may be highlighted in bold or underlined form. Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this service agreement, you will not be able to register an APSCI database account or use the services of APSCI database. If you do not agree with any of the terms of this service, do not register or use the services of APSCI database, and should immediately stop the registration process. If you have any doubts about the contents of this service agreement (especially the clauses involving exemption or limitation of liability), you can contact us at any time according to the contact information listed in this service agreement, and we will further explain and explain the relevant contents for you according to your requirements. If you check "I agree to the APSCI Database Platform User Service Agreement" and use or accept any service of APSCI database through the registration procedure or any other way, it is deemed that you have read and agreed to this service agreement and voluntarily accept all the contents of this service agreement. Before you decide to register or use the service, please confirm again that you know and fully understand all the contents of this service agreement

If you are under the age of 18, please be sure to read this service agreement with your parents and other legal guardians, and obtain the consent of your parents and other legal guardians before registering, placing orders, making payments or using any other services of APSCI database

The "service" described in this service agreement includes not only that you use the APSCI database user account to accept the services provided by enterprises, public institutions and individuals related to the APSCI database platform, but also that you use the APSCI database user account to provide services to other enterprises, public institutions, individuals or other entities under certain specific business categories. This APSCI Database Platform User Service Agreement will apply regardless of the above circumstances.

1、 Subject and scope of the agreement

[Contracting parties] Depending on the specific services you use, "APSCI database" refers to the general name of the relevant parties operating under APSCI database or providing the relevant specific services you use. "User" refers to the user of APSCI database related services, which is more referred to as "you" in this service agreement.

[Compliance with the Agreement] You understand and agree that:

(1) The terms and rules described in this service agreement constitute an integral part of this service agreement and are jointly applicable to the APSCI database platform services you use

(2) In accordance with changes in national laws and regulations, operational needs or for the purpose of improving service quality, APSCI database will modify and update the above agreements, terms and rules from time to time when necessary, and give you advance notice by issuing announcements, in site messages and other reasonable and eye-catching ways on the web page or mobile client. The above modifications and updates will be implemented on the date specified in the relevant update instructions.

(3) You should check and understand the relevant updated and modified contents in a timely manner. If you do not agree with the relevant updated and modified contents, you can stop using the services involved in the relevant updated and modified contents. In this case, the changes have no effect on you; If you continue to use the services involved after the implementation of the above updates and modifications, it will be deemed that you have agreed to the updates and modifications.

[Applicable platform] This service agreement is applicable to various services provided by APSCI database on various platforms or media such as web terminals and mobile clients to be added in the future. You know and understand that, in order to enjoy the above related services, you must provide relevant Internet devices (such as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices) by yourself and bear the relevant costs arising from the use of the relevant network and the payment of goods and services by yourself.

2、 Account registration

[Registration materials] You should follow the principle of honesty, credibility, legality and good faith to submit relevant registration materials to APSCI database. Relevant registration materials should follow the principles of laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, citizens' legitimate rights and interests, public order and good customs, and truthful information. You should not submit any illegal or bad information. If there is any change in relevant materials, you should update them in a timely manner. If the registration materials you provide are illegal, untrue, inaccurate or not updated in time, which leads to relevant legal liabilities or adverse consequences, you will bear the corresponding legal liabilities and adverse consequences

You have learned that in the process of APSCI database account registration, due to security, internal management and other reasons, some initial registration data may not be changed again. Therefore, you should carefully check this part of the registration information to ensure that it is filled in correctly

[Civil capacity] You know and promise that you have full civil capacity and capacity or that you do not have full civil capacity and capacity but have been approved by your parents and other legal guardians to register and use various services of APSCI database on behalf of your parents and other legal guardians. If you register your account without the above-mentioned civil capacity, you, your parents and other legal guardians shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law

[Real identity] Due to national laws and regulations, regulatory requirements and the needs of specific categories of services (such as financial services), you may need to fill in the real identity information in the specific link of registration or use of such services, and you can use the service only after passing the relevant verification process, If the identity information you filled in is incomplete, untrue or fails to pass the verification, you will be unable to use the service, damage your own interests or others' interests or cause other adverse consequences, and you will bear the consequences

[Protection of Registration Information] APSCI database will protect the registration information you submitted and will not disclose it to any unrelated third party, Unless:

(1) Relevant laws and regulations or requirements of national authorities

(2) Relevant merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer of APSCI database

(3) Call the registration information necessary for providing related services

The APSCI database will collect, process and use the personal information involved in the registration information submitted by you in strict accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations

[Number of Accounts] Except for special circumstances recognized by APSCI database such as historical reasons, business integration, managing multiple journals by one magazine editor in chief, in principle, APSCI database allows you to use only one APSCI database user account. If there is evidence to prove or APSCI database has reason to believe that you have improperly registered or improperly used multiple APSCI database accounts, APSCI database can combine the relevant account information or take other reasonable measures. If you have caused losses to APSCI database and related parties due to your improper registration or use, you should also bear the corresponding liability for compensation. In addition, for the needs of relevant businesses, APSCI database can also merge multiple accounts or related information of the same user. If such merger will have a material impact on your rights and interests, APSCI database will obtain your consent before the above merger.

3、 Use of account

[Account Login] You can log in to the APSCI database platform using the account password that you filled in when you registered an account and obtained the system approval. APSCI database can timely adjust, increase or decrease the login method according to relevant laws and regulations, regulatory requirements, user experience, risk control and other factors, or further refine or adjust in the user service terms of specific business categories and other provisions.

[Use of Account] You shall be responsible for all consequences arising from all acts under your account (including but not limited to signing any agreement online, browsing, downloading, purchasing, paying, commenting, uploading, publishing, and entering any content), and the above-mentioned acts through your account will be deemed as your own true intention.

APSCI database reminds you that any content you upload or send through your account in receiving various services from APSCI database should have legal sources. If the relevant content involves the legal rights and interests of any third party, you should obtain the corresponding permission in advance. If APSCI database receives relevant reports or complaints involving you, APSCI database can provide necessary information, including account number, to relevant disputing parties and relevant departments in the way required or allowed by relevant laws and regulations, in order to resolve disputes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of rightful owners

Account Borrowing In order to ensure the security of relevant accounts, you should not lend the accounts registered on the APSCI database platform to others without the written consent of APSCI database, otherwise you should bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom. APSCI database platform reserves the right to refuse to provide corresponding services, freeze or withdraw the registered accounts or terminate this service agreement, and can require you to compensate for the losses suffered by APSCI database

[Safety obligations] If you find a security problem with your account, please immediately contact APSCI database for investigation and handling, otherwise APSCI database will not be responsible for the generation or expansion of potential losses

APSCI database specially reminds you that you should keep your account and password properly, and you should exit safely after you use the services of APSCI database. In addition, you should not trust loans, ask for passwords or other network information involving property. If property operation is involved, please verify the identity of the other party first, and pay attention to the tips of APSCI database on preventing fraud. You know and agree that if you have any negligence in the custody of account information or in the network security maintenance of related Internet devices, which results in the loss or disclosure of your account, you should be responsible for any consequences arising therefrom, and APSCI database will not be responsible for this. If APSCI database has incurred relevant expenses, APSCI database will have the right to recover from you

[Restriction and freezing] You know and agree that APSCI database has the right to restrict or freeze your registered account on the premise of complying with the provisions of laws and regulations or the requirements of national authorities, in which case you may not be able to continue to log in or use your registered account

4、 User's code of conduct and responsibility

[User's obligations] You know and promise that, in the process of using the services provided by APSCI database, you shall abide by relevant laws and regulations, and shall not engage in the following acts that violate laws and regulations, affect the normal service provision or damage the legitimate interests of others:

(1) The APSCI database platform or relevant services shall not be used to endanger national security, undermine political stability, reveal state secrets, infringe upon the interests of the state, society, the collective and the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, engage in illegal and criminal activities, establish websites and communication groups for fraud, teach criminal methods, and make or sell prohibited and controlled articles, Do not use the Internet to publish information involving fraud, production or sale of prohibited and controlled articles and other illegal and criminal activities;

(2) The following information shall not be produced, published, copied, consulted, disseminated, stored or linked: those who oppose the basic principles determined by the Constitution; Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting secession and undermining national unity; Harming the honor and interests of the state; Inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity; Those who undermine the state's religious policy and promote heresy and feudal superstition; Inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration or gathering people to disturb public order; Fabricating or spreading rumors, infringing upon the rights of others, disrupting economic and social order, and undermining social stability; Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime; Insult or slander others and infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests; Advocating terrorism and extremism; Violating local customs; Containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations

(3) It shall not engage in the following activities that endanger the security of computer information network: cracking, destroying, deleting, modifying or adding network services and related software and hardware facilities; Deleting, modifying or adding data and application programs stored or transmitted in the computer information network; Stealing others' passwords or illegally invading others' computer systems by using software or hardware; Intentionally making or spreading destructive programs such as computer viruses; Other activities that endanger the security of computer information network;

(4) The unpublished and unauthorized files on the network shall not be copied and used without authorization. Except for the express consent of the relevant copyright owner, it is not allowed to crack, disseminate, download or copy any content of the copyright or copyright enjoyed by a third person or conduct any other activities that infringe the intellectual property rights of others in the network without authorization

(5) It shall not spread advertising information privately or help others to improve the evaluation by "swiping" or other improper means, or use the evaluation right to threaten or extort from other users and merchants

(6) The use of APSCI database related services should not lead to APSCI database being involved in political and public events

(7) It shall not conduct transactions or participate in any activities published by APSCI database or its authorized third parties by means of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of a third party, cheating, disrupting the system, carrying out network attacks, malicious cash out, batch registration, machine registration of APSCI database platform accounts, machine simulation of clients, etc;

(8) Without the prior written permission of APSCI database, it is not allowed to, or authorize or assist any third party, illegally capture any content displayed in APSCI database ("illegal capture" refers to the act of obtaining content data by using programs not approved by APSCI database or abnormal browsing and other technical means).

Responsibility If you are involved in one or more of the above behaviors when using APSCI database services, you need to bear legal responsibility for your own behaviorsThe forms of legal liability include, but are not limited to, compensation for the infringed, and after APSCI database first bears the administrative penalty or tort liability for damages and other losses (including legal fees, attorney fees and other related legal process costs) caused by your behavior, you should immediately give APSCI database the same amount of compensation. In addition, according to specific violations, APSCI database has the right to make independent judgment and immediately suspend or terminate some or all of its services to you, including locking, canceling, and deleting your account. At the same time, You agree that if you cause economic losses to others due to your actions, APSCI database can deduct corresponding amounts from your payment account (if any) under the principle of public interest protection, consumer protection, commercial interest protection, etc., on the premise of legality and compliance. You agree to authorize and entrust APSCI database to conduct the above deduction operations

You know and understand that if APSCI database finds your above violations, APSCI database has the right or obligation to immediately stop relevant services, delete or block relevant violation information, investigate and collect evidence as appropriate, keep relevant records, or report to relevant national authorities according to relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, APSCI database has the right to delete and block any data information containing this content. APSCI database will record and save the data information deleted and shielded according to relevant national laws and regulations.

[Advertising promotion] You understand and agree that, in order to provide you with more detailed and considerate services, after your prior confirmation, APSCI database or third-party service providers and advertisers authorized and recognized by APSCI database may send you commercial information such as advertising information and promotional offers of services you may be interested in through the mobile phone number or email address you filled in when you registered, The method and scope can be changed without special notice to you; If you are unwilling to receive such information, you have the right to unsubscribe through the corresponding unsubscription method provided by APSCI database.

You understand and agree that you should carefully judge the authenticity and reliability of the above related advertising information, and you should be responsible for the transactions carried out according to the advertising information, except as expressly provided by laws and regulations

5、 Intellectual Property

[Intellectual Property Rights] You understand and understand that, unless otherwise stated in writing, the intellectual property rights (including but not limited to patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights and trade secrets) of the following information and contents belong to APSCI database:

1. Content and information provided in APSCI database related services (including but not limited to software, technology, programs, web pages, text, pictures, images, maps, icons, audio, video, charts, layout design, electronic documents, data materials, etc.)

2. Infrastructure and platform (including but not limited to software, website, application, etc.) used by APSCI database to provide the above contents and information

3. Various trademarks, business images, business logos, technical know-how, slogans, copywriting, etc. used in the provision of relevant services in APSCI database

4. All data and information generated during the development, operation and maintenance of APSCI database platform services

The above rights owned by APSCI Database and the intellectual property rights of any content contained in the services provided are protected by law. Without the prior written permission of APSCI Database, you promise that you shall not and shall not allow or assist anyone to use, rent, lend, distribute, display, copy, modify, link, reprint Compile, publish, publish, capture, monitor, quote or create related derivative works.

[User generated content] You understand and agree that the content you upload, submit, store or publish (including but not limited to text, pictures, videos, audio, animation, etc.) when using the services provided by APSCI database is original or legally authorized by you. The intellectual property rights of any content you upload, submit, store or publish through APSCI database belong to you or the original copyright owner, and your upload, submission, storage or publishing will not infringe the intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others.

[Platform Use] In the process of using platform services related to APSCI database, you may need to download specific software or visit the page through the characteristic website. In order to improve the user experience, repair vulnerabilities, ensure security and other considerations, APSCI database has the right to update the platform and software, and you should update the relevant software to the latest version, otherwise APSCI database will not guarantee that you can use the relevant software normally.

If you obtain the software or the installation program with the same name as the software from a third party not authorized by APSCI database, APSCI database cannot guarantee the normal use of the software, and APSCI database will not be responsible for the related losses caused thereby

[Prohibitions on the Use of Platforms and Software] Unless otherwise permitted in writing by APSCI Database, you shall not engage in any of the following activities when using the platforms and software of APSCI Database:

(1) Delete, edit or block the information about copyright, trademark or other right identification or mark on the platform or software and its copies

(2) Copy, distribute, sell or lease the Platform and Software or any part thereof

(3) Reverse engineer, reverse assemble, reverse compile the platform and software, or try to mine and extract the source code of the software in other ways

(4) Any other acts of adding, deleting and changing the platform and software and the data generated by them, including making, using and authorizing various third-party plug-ins, plug-ins and systems to do the above

6、 Termination of Agreement

[Termination of Agreement] This Service Agreement shall be terminated under any of the following circumstances:

(1) APSCI database has the right to withdraw and cancel the user account in accordance with this service agreement. In this case, this service agreement is terminated on the date of withdrawal and cancellation of the account

(2) When the account cancellation conditions publicized on the APSCI database platform are met, you can cancel the user account of APSCI database through website self-service or customer service of APSCI database. This service agreement is terminated on the date of account cancellation

(3) APSCI Database has the right to terminate all APSCI database platform services through reasonable advance notice according to its own business arrangements. This service agreement will terminate on the date when all APSCI database platform services are terminated according to the legal procedures and methods

After the termination of this service agreement, APSCI Database will not be able to continue to provide you with any services or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to retaining or disclosing to you any information in its original APSCI database account, forwarding any unread or sent information to you or a third party, etc

The termination of this Service Agreement shall not affect the validity of Article 5 Intellectual Property Terms and other terms that should continue to be effective according to their contents, nor shall it affect the relevant rights and obligations of each party before the termination of this Service Agreement, including but not limited to the observant party pursuing the corresponding liability for breach of contract against the defaulting party according to this Service Agreement.

7、 Notice and delivery

You know and agree that APSCI database can notify you of important information in one or more of the following ways as appropriate:

(1) Send email information to the email address you submitted when you registered

(2) Send an electronic message to the mobile phone number you submitted when you registered

(3) Send the paper carrier information to the actual address provided by you

(4) Publish electronic information in a prominent position on the website or client

(5) Send electronic messages to the APSCI database website or the internal message of the corresponding client's account or other instant messaging clients

The above electronic information shall be deemed to have been delivered after being successfully sent or published. The delivery of relevant paper carriers shall be deemed as the fifth natural day after the mailing date on the relevant mailing voucher

The above service methods can also be applied to relevant arbitration or judicial proceedings (including litigation, trial, execution and other stages)

You should ensure that the contact information provided is accurate and effective, and it should be updated in a timely manner. If the relevant notices, documents and documents cannot be delivered or delivered in a timely manner due to inaccurate contact information or delay in updating, which cannot be attributed to the APSCI database, you will bear the legal consequences arising therefrom

8、 Force majeure or other exemptions

[Force Majeure] You understand and agree that in the process of using this service, you may encounter risk factors such as force majeure, which may interrupt or terminate the service under this service agreement. Force majeure refers to unforeseeable, insurmountable and unavoidable objective events that have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprisings, riots, insufficient productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, government actions Failure or delay of service caused by changes in laws and regulations, orders of judicial administrative organs, other force majeure or inaction of a third party. In case of the above situations, APSCI database will try to cooperate with relevant departments at the first time to repair in a timely manner. However, APSCI database will be exempted from liability for any loss caused to you within the scope allowed by law.

[Other Exemptions] You understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by law, APSCI Database shall not be liable for service interruption or termination caused by the following reasons:

(1) Damaged by computer viruses, trojans or other malicious programs and hackers

(2) The computer software, system, hardware and communication lines of the user or APSCI database have faults

(3) Improper user operation

(4) Users use the service in a way not authorized by APSCI database

(5) Other circumstances beyond the control of APSCI database or reasonably foreseeable

[Authenticity of information] APSCI database reminds you that in the process of using this service, you may encounter risks arising from network information or other user behaviors, which include any psychological and physical injuries or economic losses caused by anonymous or pseudonymous information or behaviors containing threats, slanders, objectionable, illegal, misleading, cheating, etc. Please carefully identify and timely report or complain to APSCI database or relevant authorities when encountering the above-mentioned illegal acts. APSCI database will carry out daily inspection on relevant contents and handle reports or complaints accordingly, but Please note that APSCI database will not be responsible for the authenticity, applicability and legality of any information sent or published by non APSCI database, nor for any damage caused to you due to the infringement of a third party

[Limitation of Liability] Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing Under the condition of compliance with laws and regulations, APSCI database does not make any form of express or implied statement or warranty on the information, content, materials, products or services on its website and clients

9、 Jurisdiction, Application of Law and Dispute Resolution

The establishment, effectiveness, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this service agreement are subject to the laws and regulations of the mainland of the People's Republic of China, and all conflict of laws provisions are excluded

If a dispute arises between you and APSCI database due to a product or service problem in a specific service, you agree that such dispute will be accepted by the competent people's court in the place of dispute resolution specified in the service terms or rules applicable to the specific service. As far as this service agreement is concerned, if you have a dispute between the text of this service agreement and APSCI database, you agree to submit it to the people's court with jurisdiction where this service agreement is signed. The service agreement is signed in Fangshan District, Beijing.

10、 Other

[Keyword] The keywords listed in front of each clause of this service agreement are only used to help understand the tenor of the clause and quickly locate the query clause, and cannot replace any content of the clause, nor serve as the basis for interpretation of the clause. APSCI database suggests that you carefully read the specific expressions of each clause to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

[Separability] If any clause in this service agreement is deemed invalid, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this clause shall be deemed separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other clauses

If you have any questions or suggestions about this service agreement, please contact APSCI database customer service department (contact: 010-56258118) during working hours

Thanks again for your patience